Carcosa, by Geoffrey McKinney, is ostensibly a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. Carcosa was originally released as a stapled booklet entitled Dungeons & Dragons Supplement V: Carcosa. Both the name and its form were a homage to the original 1974 D&D books. The book was re-released by Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and is a much grander affair. As a physical object Carcosa is nothing short of perfection.

This website is my homage to Carcosa. It's goal is to generate a additional hex descriptions for Carcosa that are in the same vein as those found in the book. I am also using this site to write about my gaming experiences with Carcosa. (For example, here is a Carcosa style play report.)

This website's layout mirrors the book as best I can. The title font is Art-Nouvea Bistro by Gophmann A.L., and I hope it is in fact free.

Most of the content on this site comes from myself, but others have contributed hex descriptions, ideas, and the like. I'm using the name generator from the Carcosa Grimoire, by Andrew Byers. Additional 'weird' hex descriptions come from: Brendan S, Gus L.

You can read more about Carcosa on my D&D blog, Save vs. Total Party Kill.