On a lifeless island of black stone
stands the alien city of Carcosa.

This is Random Carcosa. You can use this website to generate random hex descriptions for a world derived from the information within and aesthetics of Geoffery McKinney's Carcosa. What's this all about?

This is very much a work in progress. If you need a random 1st level character for your Carcosa game, I've got you covered. If you need to roll a dCarcosa we can do that too.


2 Tyrannosaurus Rexes.

About 10% of the hex descriptions in Carcosa are simple monster encounters.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 15, MV 60, HD 8, Chaotic): a Ulfire and Jale octopoid with a smooth hide, 5 eyes, and a suckered mouth. Immune to poison.

There are 103 Spawn of Shub-Niggurath encounters described in Carcosa.


Village of 360 Yellow Men ruled by "the Elegance of Many Hues," a Chaotic 3rd-level Fighter.

Of the 800 hex descriptions in Carcosa a little more than a quarter describe a village, citadel, castle, or monastery.


You meet "the Duke of the Air".

Everyone you encounter in Carcosa has a ridiculous title.


2 Mutant Paleoscincus (AC 24, MV 30', HD 6, neutral). Smooth Red hide. Genius Intelligence (18+ Int) and 1-4 psychic powers.

Several mutant dinosaurs are described in Carcosa.


A floating circular platform of Space Alien technology hovers 15' above the ground. 1 in 6 chance to figure out how to operate (intelligence modifier applies, only one attempt per character). Can be moved at a rate of 10' per turn. 3 Bone Men with spears have built a hut on top, and "desert fishing lines" hang from the platform. The Bone Men are extremely xenophobic (reaction roll penalty of 2). One of the Bone Men has 2 sleep gas grenades (as sleep spell but a save versus paralysis applies, 30' blast radius).

Most hex descriptions in Carcosa are kind of crazy.