Random Carcosa

This is very much a work in progress. (As evidenced by the repeating entries you might see below.) Anyway, here are 16 random hexes.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 18, MV 90' / 120' [swimming], HD 3, Neutral [intelligent]): an orange anthropoid with scaly skin, two yellow eyes, and a toothed mouth. One of its arms is an oversized claw. In its other hand it carries a green mace.

An abandoned space alien outpost is now home to a group of 23 Orange bandits. Amongst their possessions is a map of the first level of a space alien research base in hex 1812.


Citadel of 40 Red Men led by "the Preponderancy of the Dead," a Neutral 6th-level Fighter.

Trails of small insects converge on the rocky husk of a massive dead insect. Within an inter-dimensional traveler to Carcosa lays shackled to the ground. Insects crawl in and out of his body. A sorcerer and his minions are in the middle of casting the ritual Canticle of the Crawling God. They will summon the Crawling God in 1-3 hours.


Citadel of 67 Orange Men led by a Neutral 9th-level Sorcerer.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 12, MV 90, HD 2, Chaotic): a Dolm octopoid with a smooth hide, 2 eyes, and a suckered mouth.


A group of 6 disease ridden Brown cannibals feast on the remains of some Bone Men.

Village of 278 Yellow Men ruled by "the Evil Queen," a Chaotic 9-th Level Sorcerer.


Village of 243 Black Men ruled by "the Merciful Thought," a Neutral 8th-level Fighter.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 17, MV 150, HD 2, Neutral [unintelligent]): a Dolm anthropoid with a suckered hide, no eyes, and a circular gaping maw. Harmed only by fire.


9 Triceratops.

Mutant Tyrannosaurus Rex (AC 16, MV 150', HD 19, neutral). Feathered White hide. Circular gaping maw, tentacles instead of legs. Immune to normal weapons. Invisible.


Village of 280 Black Men ruled by "the Gemstone of the Awake," a Lawful 6th-level Sorcerer.

A Bone Man (AC 3, MV 60', HD 1+1, Lawful) and a Jale Women (AC 9, MV 120', HD 1+1, Neutral) explore the badlands in search of alien technology for their war tribe.


Village of 234 White Men ruled by a Neutral 3rd-level Fighter.

Citadel of 49 Black Men led by a Neutral 5th-level Fighter.


2 Unquiet Worms make their home in the shade of a disabled alien tank. Within the tank, two dead aliens lay mummified in their spacesuits. Sufficiently intelligent creatures can restore the tank to working order after 2-6 turns of experimentation.

Monastery of 56 Brown Men ruled by "the Golden Hand," a Chaotic 5-th Level Fighter.


Monastery of 39 White Men led by "the Mirror of All the Lands," a Lawful 3rd-level Sorcerer.

Monastery of 43 White Men led by a Lawful 9th-level Sorcerer.


Two Ulfire men lay dead on the ground. One is holding a gamma radiation riffle with 10 charges left. There is a 1 in 6 chance the rifle will also irradiate the shooter when discharged.

Citadel of 73 Red Men led by "the Chieftain of Stones," a Chaotic 11th-level Fighter.


3 Mutant Brachiosaurus (AC 16, MV 60', HD 36, neutral). Feathered Blue hide. Radioactive (if killed explodes for 2 dice radiation damage to all within 100'). Regenerate 1 HD every 1-3 rounds.

A Jale Man Sorcerer (AC 16, MV 120', HD 8, Neutral) wearing a Red breast plate sits on a giant Cthulhu shaped throne, alone at the lowest levels of the Cavern of the Time Lords. He may share his knowledge of Carcosa with those who seek him out.


Cuddly fluff balls (2-12, 1 HP each, AC 7). Bright red, hovering, bobbing up and down gently. When observed for a turn there is a 3 in 6 chance of seeing the fluff ball lazily open one or both of its eyes. If petted, a fluff ball will orbit the character. Orbiting fluff balls will give characters a Save vs. Wands to avoid a normal missile (something like an arrow or bullet) that would otherwise hit. A success means that the Cuddly Fluff Ball intercepts the missile and is destroyed.

Village of 222 Jale Men ruled by "the Terror of the Elements," a Chaotic 8th-level Sorcerer.


A floating circular platform of Space Alien technology hovers 15' above the ground. 1 in 6 chance to figure out how to operate (intelligence modifier applies, only one attempt per character). Can be moved at a rate of 10' per turn. 3 Bone Men with spears have built a hut on top, and "desert fishing lines" hang from the platform. The Bone Men are extremely xenophobic (reaction roll penalty of 2). One of the Bone Men has 2 sleep gas grenades (as sleep spell but a save versus paralysis applies, 30' blast radius).

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 12, MV 120 [land] / 210 [swim], HD 1, Chaotic): a Dolm amoeboid with a smooth hide, 1 eyes, and a circular gaping maw.


In the centre of a large expanse of rock howling winds bellow out from an open trap door.

2 Cthugah's Flame Creatures.


Burnt out husk of a large Dolm tyrannosaurus rex.

Village of 279 Blue Men ruled by "the Gentle Ocean," a Lawful 6th-level Sorcerer.