Random Carcosa

This is very much a work in progress. (As evidenced by the repeating entries you might see below.) Anyway, here are 16 random hexes.


3 Unquiet Worms.

A massive snake shaped citadel coils around the peaks of a craggy mountain. Within 22 Bone Man are led by a Chaotic 16th-level Sorcerer. He is planning the total conquest of Carcosa.


4 Ulfire Men camp along a dirt road. They are under the control of a mummy brain, which they are transporting to 1410.

2 Mutant Tyrannosaurus Rex (AC 16, MV 150', HD 15, neutral). Feathered Red hide. Eyes glow brightly (Gaze causes confusion).


10 of the Great Race.

Castle of 72 Brown Men led by a Neutral 7th-level Fighter.


A humanoid robot (AC 16, MV 90', HD 4, Chaotic) guards the remains of a crashed alien spaceship. He is armed with a sword and a laser pistol. His 3 large eyes rotate about his head. He can not be surprised and will react with hostility to all who approach.

2 Unquiet Worms make their home in the shade of a disabled alien tank. Within the tank, two dead aliens lay mummified in their spacesuits. Sufficiently intelligent creatures can restore the tank to working order after 2-6 turns of experimentation.


Small inexplicable pond, filled with brightly colored fish. The fish are easily caught and if eaten will grant a temporary +4 HP for the day. The pond and fish will be gone upon return, and attempts to preserve the fish will result in unpleasant smelling mess.

Citadel of 98 Red Men led by "The Ram", a Lawful 4th-level Fighter. "The Ram" is a behemoth of a man, never seen without his indestructible helmet.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 15, MV 120, HD 3, Chaotic): a White annelidoid with a suckered hide, no eyes, and a circular gaping maw. Immune to surprise.

26 Diseased Guardians.


A T-Rex corpse, skin mottled red and orange, is being feasted upon by fist-sized maggots. The top of its skull has been removed with surgical precision, and its brain is missing.

Village of 278 Yellow Men ruled by "the Evil Queen," a Chaotic 9-th Level Sorcerer.


Castle of 53 Ulfire Men led by a Neutral 11th-level Fighter.

Castle of 77 Green Men led by a Chaotic 3rd-level Fighter.


A damaged Alien vehicle, with 4 tank treads instead of wheels. Characters with an intelligence of 16 or more may attempt to repair the machine, with a cumulative chance of 10% per week of succeeding. (i.e after ten weeks the tank will be repaired.) It is large enough to comfortably transport 12 men.

A disfigured two-headed mutant man lays face down in the ground. His body is half purple & half blue. Characters who investigate the body must make a Save vs. Death Ray each turn or suffer a random mutation.


Village of 171 Dolm Men ruled by "the Puissance of the Gentle God," a Neutral 2nd-level Fighter.

17 irrational space aliens herd a group of 15 Blue Men into a small metal bunker.


A Bone Man (AC 3, MV 60', HD 1+1, Lawful) and a Jale Women (AC 9, MV 120', HD 1+1, Neutral) explore the badlands in search of alien technology for their war tribe.

Castle of 54 Red Men led by a Neutral 4th-level Fighter.


9 Mutant Monoclonius (AC 17, MV 60', HD 7, neutral). Feathered Green hide. Extremely cold (1 die damage per round to all within 20'). Immune to poison.

A foreboding grey castle sits empty save for its custodian, an Orange Woman 18th-level Sorcerer. The castle is circumscribed by a bottomless chasm. A single bridge leads to its imposing doors shaped in the visage of a skull. The sorcerer will not leave the castle, and is immortal and invulnerable while within its walls. She will aid all those who actively seek to defend Carcosa from the forces of Chaos.


Citadel of 81 Black Men led by a Chaotic 6th-level Fighter.

A White Woman (AC 14, MV 120', HD 4, Lawful) is locked in battle with a Deep One. She fights with a large wooden staff and is searching for her mother.


7 Mummies.

2 individuals of Species 23750.


3-18 red orbs can be seen floating in the distance.

Village of 366 Brown Men ruled by "the Silver Fist," a Lawful 6th-level Fighter. The Silver Fist rides into battle on cybernetic horses and wields a mysterious purple sword.


A young Dolm Man child weeps alone. He has no possessions save his clothes, and is hungry.

Strange ritual space made up of crucified Jale Man, small clay jars of water and dried herbs.