Random Carcosa

This is very much a work in progress. (As evidenced by the repeating entries you might see below.) Anyway, here are 16 random hexes.


An Orange Man (AC 14, MV 160', HD 4, Chaotic) dressed in furs hunts a band of mutant men. He is armed with a whip and accompanied by 2-12 giant beasts and dinosaurs; these creatures are under his complete control.

A Jale Man Sorcerer (AC 16, MV 120', HD 8, Neutral) wearing a Red breast plate sits on a giant Cthulhu shaped throne, alone at the lowest levels of the Cavern of the Time Lords. He may share his knowledge of Carcosa with those who seek him out.


Village of 366 Ulfire Men ruled by "the Uttermost Illumination," a Chaotic 6th-level Fighter.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 12, MV 240, HD 3, Chaotic): a Purple octopoid with a smooth hide, no eyes, and multiple mouths.


Trails of small insects converge on the rocky husk of a massive dead insect. Within an inter-dimensional traveler to Carcosa lays shackled to the ground. Insects crawl in and out of his body. A sorcerer and his minions are in the middle of casting the ritual Canticle of the Crawling God. They will summon the Crawling God in 1-3 hours.

Village of 323 White Men ruled by "the Overqueen beyond All Superlatives," a Lawful 7th-level Fighter.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 17, MV 30 [land] / 120 [fly], HD 3, Chaotic): a Red annelidoid with a smooth hide, no eyes, and a beaked mouth. Regenerate 1 HD every 1-3 rounds.

3 Mutant Brachiosaurus (AC 16, MV 60', HD 33, neutral). Smooth Green hide. Suckered mouth, tentacles instead of legs. Semi-gelatinous (suffer only half damage from weapons that are not electromagnetic or elemental). Immune to cold.


12 Black Men led by putrid smelling Sorcerer (AC 18, MV 120', HD 3, Chaotic) are in the middle of casting Manifestation of the Putrescent Stench. The Sorcerer is armed with a laser pistol and wears a bright orange alien space suit.

2 Unquiet Worms make their home in the shade of a disabled alien tank. Within the tank, two dead aliens lay mummified in their spacesuits. Sufficiently intelligent creatures can restore the tank to working order after 2-6 turns of experimentation.


Poison dirigible fruit (2-12, 1 HP each, AC 7). Bright red, hovering, bobbing up and down gently. When touched in any way they explode in a burst of poison glop: all within melee range must make a Save vs. Death Ray or perish. A poison dirigible fruit tree will grow in the corpse of any characters so slain, and will produce 2d6 dirigible fruit in 1d6 days.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 17, MV 120, HD 10, Neutral [unintelligent]): a Brown icthyoid with a furred hide, 4 eyes, and a toothed mouth.


4 Snake Men attempt to repair a time machine. The Snake Men and their collection of high-tech gadgetry are incomprehensible to characters with an intelligence score less than 18.

Village of 334 Orange Men ruled by "the Chief of All the Lands," a Neutral 6th-level Fighter.


A War-Machine, ancient and blasted; once a terror, now a collection of rust.

6 Triceratops.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 18, MV 120, HD 3, Chaotic): a blue arachnoid with two red eyes and a toothed mouth. It currently entangled in a grappling hook and 100' of rope. An orange laser pistol can be found in its belly.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 13, MV 120, HD 4, Chaotic): a Ulfire plant with a scaled hide, 4 eyes, and a beaked mouth. Surprised only on a 1.


2 Unquiet Worms.

Village of 299 Purple Men ruled by a Chaotic 6th-level Fighter.


A squat Purple Man Sorcerer (AC 12, MV 90' / 120' \[Flying\], HD 2, Lawful) in flowing robes and an over sized hat is in the process of botching the ritual _The Glyphs of the Ebon Lake_.

Village of 289 Black Men ruled by "the Baron of All," a Chaotic 7th-level Fighter.


Village of 244 Jale Men ruled by a Neutral 6th-level Sorcerer.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 12, MV 60 [land] / 120 [fly], HD 2, Chaotic): a Jale quadruped with a suckered hide, multiple/insectile eyes, and no mouth. Immune to surprise.


1 Mummy Brain.

An abandoned space alien outpost is now home to a group of 23 Bone bandits. Amongst their possessions is a map of the first level of a space alien research base in hex 0815.


1 Dolm Worm.

Village of 305 Orange Men ruled by "the Adept of Winds," a Neutral 9th-level Fighter.


A party of 2-8 inter-dimensional travelers search for their lost companion. They are armed with turn of the century firearms: pistols & shotguns. They are cautious around and distrustful of any natives of Carcosa they encounter. They will however aid anyone who agrees to help them find their friend.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 16, MV 180 [swimming only], HD 7, Chaotic): a Green icthyoid with a smooth hide, 1 eyes, and a toothed mouth.


1 Dolm Pudding.

3 Cthugah's Flame Creatures.