Random Carcosa

This is very much a work in progress. (As evidenced by the repeating entries you might see below.) Anyway, here are 16 random hexes.


Village of 266 Blue Men ruled by "the Life upon the Sagacious Throne," a Chaotic 5th-level Fighter.

Hidden underground lair of 43 Brown zealots led by a Lawful 5th-level Sorcerer.


Two Red men lay dead on the ground. One is holding a gamma radiation riffle with 10 charges left. There is a 1 in 6 chance the rifle will also irradiate the shooter when discharged.

A War-Machine, ancient and blasted; once a terror, now a collection of rust.


Citadel of 15 Purple Men led by a Neutral 7th-level Fighter.

Village of 153 Blue Men ruled by "the August Tyrant," a Neutral 9th-level Fighter.


Bipedal humanoid robot (AC 18, MV 120', HD 8) carrying a spear, with a single spotlight eye in the center of a cylindrical head. It is dragging a dead velociraptor behind it. It has learned how to hunt by spying on humans, but doesn't understand what to do with the dead animals: it just drags them back to its cave.

Village of 294 Purple Men ruled by "the Pool of the Air," a Chaotic 6th-level Fighter.


1 Mummy Brain.

Village of 184 Green Men ruled by a Neutral 10th-level Fighter.


7 Mummies.

1 Spawn of Yog-Sothoth.


Castle of 73 Jale Men led by "the Iridescent Chief," a Neutral 8th-level Fighter.

Village of 309 Purple Men ruled by "the Flower of the Awake," a Lawful 5th-level Fighter.


15 Mutant Lambeosaurus (AC 15, MV 120', HD 11, neutral). Feathered Yellow hide. Touch turns anyone to slime. Immune to heat/fire.

Village of 219 Black Men ruled by "the Iridescent Plenipotentiary," a Neutral 6th-level Fighter.


Village of 279 Jale Men ruled by a Chaotic 6th-level Sorcerer.

Village of 366 Brown Men ruled by "the Silver Fist," a Lawful 6th-level Fighter. The Silver Fist rides into battle on cybernetic horses and wields a mysterious purple sword.


Village of 311 Jale Men ruled by a Chaotic 10th-level Fighter.

5 Pterodactyls.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 20, MV None, HD 1, Chaotic): a White batrachian with a suckered hide, 3 eyes, and a beaked mouth. Harmed only by fire.

Castle of 51 White Men led by a Lawful 7th-level Sorcerer.


A damaged Alien vehicle, with 4 tank treads instead of wheels. Characters with an intelligence of 16 or more may attempt to repair the machine, with a cumulative chance of 10% per week of succeeding. (i.e after ten weeks the tank will be repaired.) It is large enough to comfortably transport 12 men.

Village of 260 Dolm Men ruled by "the Perfection of Dreamers," a Neutral 9th-level Sorcerer.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 12, MV 120 [land] / 180 [swim], HD 5, Chaotic): a Dolm, Red and Jale plant with a suckered hide, 4 eyes, and a beaked mouth. Invisible.

1 Cthugah's Flame Creature.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 15, MV 210, HD 4, Chaotic): a Bone arboreoid with a furred hide, multiple/insectile eyes, and no mouth. Immune to heat/fire. Harmed only by fire.

Monastery of 56 Brown Men ruled by "the Golden Hand," a Chaotic 5-th Level Fighter.


Village of 357 Ulfire Men ruled by "the Gracious Poignancy of the Ulfire," a Lawful 1st-level Fighter.

A large space alien bomb stands upright in the plains, weathered to the point where it is merely the suggestion of a bomb: 1-6, inert; 7-9, still live, disturb it and it will explode (Save vs. Death if within 30' - save equals 2D10 damage, failure is death); 10, actually a space capsule - contains ancient body in space alien battle armor.


Village of 130 Dolm Men ruled by "The Master of the Universe," a 1st Level Fighter. He wields a magic sword in battle: on command the sword grants +20 HD, and the saving throws of a 20th level Fighter. Only those chosen by the powers of the Grey Castle may hold aloft the magic sword.

Village of 213 Red Men ruled by "He of Lords," a Lawful 10th-level Sorcerer.