Random Carcosa

This is very much a work in progress. (As evidenced by the repeating entries you might see below.) Anyway, here are 16 random hexes.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 13, MV 90 [land] / 90 [swim], HD 1, Chaotic): a Black amoeboid with a suckered hide, 6 eyes, and no mouth. Immune to normal weapons.

6 Pterodactyls.


Strange ritual space made up of crucified Ulfire Man, small clay jars of water and dried herbs.

9 Velociraptors.


Village of 243 Jale Men ruled by a Neutral 4th-level Fighter.

Village of 170 Bone Men ruled by a Lawful 5th-level Fighter.


Citadel of 83 Yellow Men led by a Chaotic 4th-level Fighter.

Village of 236 Yellow Men ruled by a Lawful 6th-level Fighter.


7 Mummies.

Village of 139 Purple Men ruled by "the Overlady of Summer," a Lawful 3rd-level Fighter.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 14, MV 120' / 160' \[Flying\], HD 6, Neutral \[intelligent\]): A Brown avioid with a feathered hide and a toothed mouth. There is a 4 in 6 chance that when encountered the beast will be in flight.

Hidden underground lair of 43 Red zealots led by a Lawful 5th-level Sorcerer.


Castle of 67 Green Men led by a Neutral 2nd-level Fighter.

A Green Man cyborg (AC 18, MV 60', HD 6, Lawful) leads a battalion of 3-12 soldiers armed with an assortment of Alien weaponry. The cyborg will repair any Alien technology Lawful PCs may possess, and will attack any PCs who make their allegiance to the forces of Chaos known. He is searching for his adopted daughter.


1 Unquiet Worm.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 13, MV 90 [land] / 150 [swim], HD 2, Chaotic): a White octopoid with a suckered hide, 1 eyes, and a toothed mouth. Invisible.


Village of 302 Red Men ruled by a Neutral 4th-level Fighter.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 12, MV 90 [land] / 120 [swim], HD 5, Chaotic): a White ooze/slime with a smooth hide, no eyes, and a circular gaping maw. Its touch causes paralysis. Regenerate 1 HD every 1-3 rounds.


Village of 343 Dolm Men ruled by a Neutral 6th-level Fighter.

3 B'yakhees.


1 Mummy Brain.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 12, MV 60, HD 3, Chaotic): a Green avioid with a feathered hide, 5 eyes, and multiple mouths. Immune to heat/fire. Immune to cold.


A War-Machine, ancient and blasted; once a terror, now a collection of rust.

Village of 215 Yellow Men ruled by "the Life of All," a Lawful 5th-level Fighter.


A White Woman (AC 14, MV 120', HD 4, Lawful) is locked in battle with a Deep One. She fights with a large wooden staff and is searching for her mother.

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 15, MV None, HD 10, Chaotic): a Bone crustacean with a smooth hide, 2 eyes, and multiple mouths. Immune to cold.


Spawn of Shub-Niggurath (AC 17, MV 90 [swimming only], HD 6, Neutral [unintelligent]): a Green amoeboid with a smooth hide, no eyes, and no mouth.

8 Mi-Go.


Monastery of 39 Ulfire Men led by "the Emperor of Many Shades," a Chaotic 3rd-level Fighter.

Citadel of 98 Red Men led by "The Ram", a Lawful 4th-level Fighter. "The Ram" is a behemoth of a man, never seen without his indestructible helmet.


A floating circular platform of Space Alien technology hovers 15' above the ground. 1 in 6 chance to figure out how to operate (intelligence modifier applies, only one attempt per character). Can be moved at a rate of 10' per turn. 3 Bone Men with spears have built a hut on top, and "desert fishing lines" hang from the platform. The Bone Men are extremely xenophobic (reaction roll penalty of 2). One of the Bone Men has 2 sleep gas grenades (as sleep spell but a save versus paralysis applies, 30' blast radius).

17 irrational space aliens herd a group of 15 Green Men into a small metal bunker.